Childhood Vaccines: A Topic on Every Parent’s Mind

Next week, I will be teaching a class about childhood vaccinations. It is a topic that is of great interest to me as both a mother and a healthcare practitioner. Childhood vaccines are at the forefront of mainstream medicine these days. Well-child visits are typically scheduled based on the vaccines a child should receive and the vast majority of medical practitioners advise parents to follow the current schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

However, many parents have doubts about the current CDC schedule and find themselves conflicted about what is best for their children. Furthermore, in our modern world, it is difficult to find reliable information about vaccines that is scientifically-based and not simply someone’s opinion. Often as parents, we have to do our own research on topics such as vaccines and be an advocate for our children in the healthcare setting.

I believe parents have a right to accurate, unbiased information when it comes to making important healthcare decisions for their children. Education is a significant part of what I do as a naturopathic doctor and a midwife. At Three Sisters, all of our midwives spend a lot of time educating clients. When it comes to choices that need to be made around a baby’s health, we do our best to provide thorough, unbiased information so parents are able to make the decision that best suits their family and their child. My upcoming vaccines class will be held at Three Sisters Midwifery in our classroom space and aligns well with our practice’s emphasis on education and choices.

In the class, we will cover topics such as:

• naturopathic approaches to vaccination
• immune and brain development in early childhood and how this relates to vaccination
• the community impact of vaccines
• the pros and cons of the current CDC schedule
• alternative vaccines schedules
• how to best support your child’s immune system if you do choose to vaccinate
• and much, much more

Join us next Tuesday, October 15th at 6:00pm for an in-depth 2 ½ hour class and discussion about vaccines. The cost is $20 per family.

Please class Katie to register: 542-778-6173

Hope to see you there!


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