Improving What is Evidence Based Maternity Care?

“Unfortunately, American maternity care is driven by several factors other than what is best for moms and babies. Perhaps the most surprising one is tradition: healthcare, and especially maternity care, is extremely slow to change. Some common practices today—separating newborns from their mothers at birth, having women push on their backs, putting labor on strict timelines—are rooted in protocols and beliefs from the 1940s and 1950s that have long been debunked by science.

Institutional care is also shaped by profit and liability concerns. The fact is that birth is not “efficient,” nor is it predictable. Policies and protocols that try to make it that can conflict with the needs of women giving birth. For example, controlling the speed of labor with medication can be an appealing option for care providers whose time is limited, but it can be much more painful for women and can cause complications like fetal distress and hyperstimulation of the uterus. Almost half of women in the U.S. receive medications to speed up their labor.”

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